How many calories are in seaman?

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Harry Haversackers

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Most Helpful

It totally depends on how much deep fried chicken he's been eating while at sea.

If you're wanting to know about semen, 5 to 7 calories per teaspoon of splooge.

by Harry Haversack...  5 years ago

If the 5-7 calories per teaspoon is accurate, then about 5-7 cals per avg "load" as the avg ejaculate volume in a male 1ml-5ml.  I know all this because I actually had to turn a sample in and got all the facts.  I am proud to say that mine is about 35 calories :)

by Chris 4 years ago

Oh man!There are so many other things to eat and those are much more appetizing than cum!My girl friend did it a couple of times just for fun,i mean swallowing the cum.She said she didnt like it.I,as a male,like to cum inside something so she just gives me a tity fuck when we wanna have something else other than regular sex.

by Hardy 4 years ago

Call me, i ll show you.....

by Crash 5 years ago

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How many calories are in seaman?

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