What is the best homemade sex toy for a man?

Asked by Santino 6 years ago sex toys homemade men


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Most Helpful

Everybody knows it's your dirty hand

by Felipe 6 years ago

Depends what is being worked on? For penis stimulation, one can try a few things that change it up. One is, try humping a sofa between two cushions, use plastic wrap (or a soft plastic bag) with any lube (including spit). Just place it between the cushions, and have fun, or try it between two mattress too, both work well. When I was a teen I also used a hollow paddle tube that just allowed me to fit in, I love that more then tugging, that's for sure. For anal stimulation try a Cucumber, or small Squash, Banana's are a bad choice as they are rough at both ends, and can easily break. I found a clean screw driver handle to be a perfect toy. I also found a few other fun things to try, but today's new vibrating Gillette shavers are fun to try, (remember to remove the blades, and use lube), have fun :0

by Partysmants 6 years ago

The best sex toy BY FAR:

1. Googly Ball from Walmart
2. Pull a sock over it
3. Put lube or conditioner in it


by Jj 1 year ago

Take a small or mid sized towel and dampen it with hot(will cool down fairly quickly) then just fold it in half and roll it really tight( befor you roll it insert something similar in size but just a bit smaller to your penis such as a cucumber) after you roll it up really tight remove the object and lay some plastic wrap over the whole and then push the wrap into the whole and lube it up. Keep the towel nice and tight and have at it!!   Complements of the prison fifi

by Timnjami 6 years ago

I am your best sex toy!

by Adrianica2003 6 years ago

My hand   ;-)

by Eliza 6 years ago

I knew someone who got creative with balloons once.  3 of those long balloons, blown up quite far, and taped together into a bunch.  Insert lubed penis into hole created between the balloons.  Fuck as needed.

by Scarlet 6 years ago

Just Do It
Well well well lets make it a little high-tech for a change an one heard of acid free foam sheets ?   
Pro Stile ?   Ready  ? You think you can handle it ? Good luck this is at the top of the list.

Items required
silly winks foam sheets
(acid free)    = 2 pc  or 12" x 18" at 2mm thick  = glued one side preferable.
Smaller is fine you require 2 minimum.  
A small battery motor (extra)
A pipe, tool handle, plastic water bottle, one of them
and your finest oil lube you name it.  :)  

Lube = top 5$
foam = 2$
motor= 3$
plastic empty penis size length and thickness =10 c

Option A (manual)   
a tube water bottle or pipe place it on none sticky foam side roll bottle inside tight make sure bottle is a little smaller in thickness then you.  Longer but not sorter.  When completed rolling bottle inside the foam with the sticky side outside the smooth foam side inside take the second foam sheet and top it off sticky side on sticky side on sticky side role live some air between them if you like a little more excitement.  Before taking bottle out or pipe make sure the inside is smooth and pressed in side nice and neat.   
Fill up with lube oil and have fun.  

Automat TRUE state of the art toy

+extra addition (small computer fan knob + more advance users)  
if you happen to have a small micro fan motor use it cap it off with a pasting or if you have a old extra ring with vibrator take it out and use that.  Have more micro once great put them together make sure you space them with something tape anything and place it in top of foam tube just half way out not to deep 1 inch inside is enough . Tape off the top squish good and you are done fill it up with lube and place it nice and firm.  Take a pair of pants to keep it firm and lie down. Don't touch it if vibrator has control capabilities good luck :)

by Just Do It 3 years ago

Your Mom
Well, it depends. Anal or no? For anal, a Gillette razor handle works wonders. For penis, Try using your other hand.

by Your Mom 3 years ago

I wos advised to have anal sex for the very monde pliasure and done with.i want a bug hole

by Tazo 3 years ago

You will need :
1-length of pvc pipe,from the base of your penis to mouth,bigger in dia.than your penis.
1-bicycle tube 4-6" longer than pipe.
Some sort of mouthpiece from a nebulizer,etc.
Roll of blk tape,lotion.

Cut pipe 6-8" short,tape mouthpiece to pipe,insert bike tube into pipe,leave a few inches over,fold remainig tube to outside of pipe & tape.
Then lube,insert head,& suck off.

The bigger dia. & length Of pipe will increase your size.
Suck as hard as u want,but beware of lube,upside down,etc. May get lube in moth,ejaculate in it, & never stop till you stop

by Jeffro 4 years ago

Ok now,i'll tell you what works the best.Its actually in the list already but its always good to have more than one person admitting that it works.The prison fifi which can be modified as per need.Its very simple,very convenient,takes lesser time to be prepared and its open to all the different kinds of modifications.I actually didnt believe it until i tried it myself.I usually cum in like 10 mins or something using my hand.This thing made me cum in less than a minute!No porn needed,it actually feels like the real thing if its well made and warmed.Use it dudes.Just keep it simple.Google the procedure and watch the video on youtube or something to be sure that you know how to make it.

by Hardy 4 years ago

Jesse Lerma
Fifi a toy used for fake sex to fuck with as hard or slow as u want take a latex glove and a towel. Fold the towel in half and put the latex glove on top of it. Then roll the towel as tight as u want(the tighter the towel,the tighter the pussy). Fold the hole part of the glove inside out of the towel. Lube up and enjoy

by Jesse Lerma 4 years ago

I enjoy using a drain bladder from the hardware store.  That is a black device that attaches to a hose & is shoved in a clogged drain.  The water is turned on hard & the clog is pushed down the line until the drain is freed.  That's its intended purpose but I have made an adapter that attaches to the shower massage hose & the drain bladder. I lube my ass & the end of the bladder & insert it into my butt.  I turn the water on softly at first & then a little harder & feel the warm water filling my ass & washing through my bowels. If you turn the water on fairly hard the bladder will plump up & really fill & stretch your ass.  It feels great!  It gives me a great enema & I also like to jerk off & cum from the pressure on my prostate.  I love the feeling of the enema & it keeps me clean & empty for hours.

by Hotbigd 6 years ago

My right or left hand, failing that my mouth, as after practice found i can self suck (helps if your slim if thinking about trying yourself)

by Mark 6 years ago

This is more of a fetish thing, but I've experiment using women's underwear. Many pairs of bikinis or briefs have an opening in the inside on the crotch that forms a sort of cloth opening. I had a silk pair i would use when i was a teenager. I would get hard and then use a warming lube, before sliding the opening over my member and using it to jack off. Sometimes I would take it in the shower, allowing the pressure from the stream of water to combine with the feel of the silk and the lube, providing for some interesting sensations. Then I'd just rinse it off after I'd orgasmed or throw them in the wash for easy clean up.

by Simplepleasures 6 years ago

A fine female or your hand.  No doubt there in either one.

by Dumbguy 6 years ago

Justin Thyme
For me, I have found a cyclonic vacuum cleaner (the kind that has a detachable cannister). I take a alcohol wipe and clean the vacuum tube.  Then I take my favorite mint massage oil and with my fingers make sure the inside of the vacuum hose is coated with massage oil and slick.  Then I pour some massage oil on one hand and massage my rod with the mint oil.  The key is to keep a good level of lubrication.  Then placing the hose, I join my rod slowly to the hose and begin to move it in an up and down motion.  When my rod becomes hard, the mint oil makes it tingle.  I keep moving the hose up and down on my now stiff rod.When I am getting ready to cum, I turn the vacuum on and the combination of mint massage oil and the suction of the vacuum cleaner makes it my best homemade sex toy!

by Justin Thyme 6 years ago

Hand, maybe some oil or cream... But hand simply works!

by Powderguide 6 years ago

Adriana Gomez
I am your best home toy!!!!
Play with me as you want!!!!

by Adriana Gomez 6 years ago

Wrap yourself in a blanket, leave a part between your legs and ride against it. I do this since my childhood and it still gets me going.

by Darque 6 years ago

Own hands

by Bool 6 years ago

A woman

by William 6 years ago

Go to your local hardware store (no pun intended) by  " O " rings that fit your cock and save $$$$  vs the sexshops!

by Seesko 6 years ago

After an ankle injury I was given an "air cast" for the injury.  It's a hard plastic casing fill a strong air-filled rubber balloon that fits around each side of the ankle.  After the injury healed I realized it was quite useful for placing lube inside and sliding it between the bed mattress and box spring.  While kneeling I could fuck it as hard or slow as I wanted.  It was the best fuck toy I've ever had.  It almost makes me want another sprained ankle so that I can get another one.

by Big_n_hard 6 years ago

A lightly-lubed inflated water wing provides a reasonably useful thrusting toy

by James 6 years ago

Evil Homer
This is an easy one and I am surprised its not already on the list. A Banana (well the peel) drop a whole banana in some warm water for about 5 minutes, cut one end 'flat' and vacate the contents. Enjoy the peel and dispose of quick and clean after.

by Evil Homer 6 years ago

I say both hands

by Zozzo 6 years ago

I say clean hand

by Naif 6 years ago

I knew a guy who used to put vaseline in a sock and warm it in the microwave - he swore by it. Also, Sue Johanson suggested bubble wrap rolled up and lube filled, I always thought that would work pretty well.

by Sweetness 6 years ago

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