What percent of woman like cum in their mouths?

Asked by Sgatto7353 6 years ago women cum


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I think your survey results may be somewhat skewed, given you're asking on a sex site which automatically means the percentage will be higher, what with all the sexually liberated women around (and all the men who are pretending to be women online, and who tell other men what they think they want to hear).

by Scarlet 6 years ago

Well I don't swish it around and savor it but I certainly don't find it offensive by any stretch.

by Msindependent 6 years ago

I prefer in my vagina, but if he cums in my mouth I always swallow it and I love the feeling and the taste.

by Annaissa 6 years ago

Evil Homer
As for a percentage the global average is about 52% swallowing. However with most surveys of a more personal or adult nature the 'mean' percentage is usually quite high (as much as +/- 20%) and even further skewed by places where various religions are predominate. Sweet Southern Girl has a good point though in a great deal of cases the choice tends to be based on flavor and it is proven that those with a vegan style diet produce a more 'palatable' ejaculate. Seeing as how the proposition of  swallowing however is not likely to get some one to give up meat, having 2 - 3 8oz glasses of Pineapple juice per day will also change the flavor (can take 1 - 3 weeks to notice the change initially), as well a low dose glucose pill/cap taken with meals can work. However there are many reasons that taking glucose pills can be BAD FOR YOU! So one should consult there physician before even thinking about it, on the other hand telling your doctor you have decided to start drinking 3 glasses of Pineapple juice a day would likely not even get an acknowledgment (unless of course you are allergic).

by Evil Homer 6 years ago

Lmoa msindi....too funny....I am with ssg on all comes down to the taste...but I am not a huge fan just depends on how its done.

by Eliza 6 years ago

I have to agree on scarlet on that answer. But here is my answer. What percent of woman I can't answer but as for myself I sometimes like to have the man i loves cum in my mouth ( in a long term relationship) And if he does not eat a lot of Red meat  yuk the cum is really nasty. But If he eats good then the taste is not bad and I feel like it is the least I could do to finish the job for someone I love.

by Sweet_southern_...  6 years ago

Love it when I am cumming and she sucks even harder to get very last drop out. Thats what I wished I could say. Mine want even suck my dick because she can taste the precum.

by Wow 3 years ago

I love my mans :)

by Lindsey  4 years ago

I really like all those comments of all the women who likes it, but till now i only found 1 who really do !!!! (one of my exes) so its either a big mouth, or i just not found the right woman !!!

by Crash 5 years ago

Harry Haversackers
In my world - 100% - my loving wife loves oral sex and loves to suck me dry, and i love her for it.

by Harry Haversack...  6 years ago

For a while some of my girlfriends used to swallow my cum......they liked iw what they said....hope that was true...........

by Dirty_p 6 years ago

Adriana Gomez
are more women than we do of those who say it
I say: I love to it

by Adriana Gomez 6 years ago

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What percent of woman like cum in their mouths?

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