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Why do women fall in love so easily?

Asked by Love Healer 6 years ago women love

I read somewhere that men typically know when they've found "the one" after like three dates and for women it's something like 7...I wish I could find the article, I'll have to keep looking.    So in the context of a relationship I think that men tend to fall a little faster. However, the other side of the coin is that when men are just looking for sex they seem to be able to stay disconnected from the woman they're sleeping with much more easily than women do. We create emotional connections with the people and things in our life, it's what we do :)

by Msindependent 6 years ago

If adult chat boards are any indication, then I have to say it is the men who fall in love faster. The women don't have enough time to fall in love as they are forever fighting off usually unwanted advances by the men.

by Watcher 6 years ago

Girls have sex hoping for a relationship. Guys get into relationships for the sex

by Dan 6 years ago

Women do not fall in love Easy It depends on the person and the situation I think some men fall in love just as easy as some women. However women do look and are different then men when it comes to there feeling and show it faster so that may be what your thinking. They talk about it in most cases before the men do or tell them how they feel faster men tend to keep a lot inside.

by Sweet_southern_...  6 years ago

Do they? I wonder what makes you ask that question?

by Powderguide 6 years ago

Yeah, I'm going with Watcher on this.  In my own experience, I would say that I have fallen in love faster than any woman I know.  So, I do think that it is easier for men

by Mntpython 6 years ago

They're just telling you they fell in love with you because you're paying them for it.

by Hrimthyrs 6 years ago

Lol....woman don't fall in love easily!! Or better said...falling in love easily is not a gender characteristic..depends for human to human

by Alexis85 6 years ago

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Why do women fall in love so easily?

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