My cousin gave me a BJ and it felt amazing. Now I fantasize about her. Is this taboo normal?

Asked by Drakejj 6 years ago sex cousin taboo

Depends on how old she was , its not like it was your sister, and at end of the day it takes two to tango shes the one who sucked your cock she must have enjoyed as well enjoy your fantasy while you can, i can quess why it left a memory, dont think your the first to have done it and probably not the last either

by Mark 6 years ago

Man i ate my cousins pussy and we used to fool around everyonce awhile but now she doenst want to so enjoy it while it lasts lol

by Joe 6 years ago

I once had sex with my cousin, so no nothings wrong. Whats her phone number?

by Knotyboy 6 years ago

Love Healer
No it's not. You should had fantasized about her before she gave you a BJ.

by Love Healer 6 years ago

Will Milner
I wouldn't say it's normal, but you should be okay with it. If you two are legal, do whatever you want. No true love/romance=no need for family to know.

by Will Milner 3 years ago

The desire and urge to have sex does not differentiate if the partner is related, dude sex is sex

by Dan 6 years ago

My first question would be"how close in relation is your cousin"? It is common in some areas(namely the South) to partake in this taboo. It is quite understandable. You meet a person you haven't seen before and here comes the attraction. It is then you find out you're related and it is awkward. However, it is up to you to figure out where to go from there.

by Fandelesbo 6 years ago

Harry Haversackers
Why not?  Jeez, some jurisdictions allow first cousins to marry, so why feel that that getting your cock sucked is a big deal?

by Harry Haversack...  6 years ago

When I was younger I had a cousin i would have loved to have had sex with her.  Relax and enjoy, it ain't your sister.   Lol

by Mntpython 6 years ago

Its kind of funny that you fantasize about her now but in my case i have really good looking couisins and i know a few of them really would do something with me but at the end of the day they still my family and i think it would be weird i dont think i would do it you should just keep it a fantasy

by Niceguymaybe 6 years ago

In the South it is perfectly normal. (hey! That is what I am told)

by Watcher 6 years ago

Taboos aren't normal, by definition. Oh, and send your cousin my way.

by Hrimthyrs 6 years ago

No its not good to have or give or get any sex from your cousin its family and not healthy If you stop to question why then in your mind its wrong. I live as far as you can get in the hills and all my family will tell ya its wrong.

by Sweet_southern_...  6 years ago

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My cousin gave me a BJ and it felt amazing. Now I fantasize about her. Is this taboo normal?

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