Are there any tell-tale signs that my wife is have sex with other men/women when I'm out of town?

Asked by James3517 6 years ago cheating sex wife

I think I'd be most concerned if she was in some way changing in the way she acted towards me: Like less interested in sex, distant, moody, more short tempered than normal, etc.  As far as the changing the sheets goes, my wife tends to like to do that too when we've both been gone out of town OR when I am home from being away for a bit; nice fresh sheets on the bed can be part of a "welcome home" too you know (especially if combined with a particularly clean house or a nice dinner or something  of the sort).

Since there have been other recommendations about how to "catch" her at it somehow, I'll just say that I'd be VERY careful not to do anything that I wouldn't want her to do in trying to find out if  you've been cheating... After all she may or may not be.

by Nastytongue 6 years ago

First things first...got get a spy program and add it to all computers in the house....i recomend mcgruff safeguard...you can access it from anywhere and even get phone alerts.....second tell her your going outa town and when you leave just go hide....stay in a local hotel or somthing...from that point on  keep tabs on her...if you wanna take it a step further hide nanny cams in your home.....i know it sounds like a bad thing doing all of this but look at it this way....if you accuse her of cheating it ruins the relationship....if she is cheating you will not feel bad about the spying.....so dont accuse till you prove it one way or another then if she is cheating use the evidence you collect...if she is not cheating dont ever bring it up and she will never know

by William 6 years ago

Tell-tale sign #1: She's leaking somebody else's cum. Tell-tale sign #2: When you kiss her, she tastes like muff.

by Hrimthyrs 6 years ago

Collin Lalley
First off, before u do anything, sit down and think about ur relationship and figure out if u TRULY have cause to worry. If u do, I'd say drop the "im goin out of town" card and see how she reacts. Do whatever u think u need to do, but i definitely say look at her behaviour. Try to think about how shes been acting and see where it goes

by Collin Lalley 6 years ago

Harry Haversackers
If you think she's entertaining at home. Check for condom packets under the bed and in the trash - assuming you don't use them yourself.
If you think she's going out to cheat, ask your friends to keep an eye out for any strange behavior while you're away.
As William mentioned, nanny cams can provide information.

by Harry Haversack...  6 years ago

You should tell her that you won't be home the next week. Then...

When sunday comes...

Look into her eye very closely and say "i'm not going out of town tomorrow (with a big smile)" and see how she reacts.

After that, go into her computer/cellular phone and report here any suspect activity :)

by Zozzo 6 years ago

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Are there any tell-tale signs that my wife is have sex with other men/women when I'm out of town?

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