For how long a man can stay inside a woman?

Asked by Annaissa 6 years ago sex

Harry Haversackers

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Most recipes suggest that you marinate the meat overnight.

by Harry Haversack...  6 years ago

Depends on how long the guy can stay hard and how long she can stay wet. One particularly good night saw us having sex for six hours straight, at least 40 minutes of which i stayed inside her without pulling out, but I've also fallen asleep inside her while spooning and woken up like that the next morning

by Simplepleasures 6 years ago

I think the longest time was lil over 2 1/2 hours, We made love, rested in our arms and made love again, But I was really sore afterwards.

by Moodymj 6 years ago

On a good day and depending on the speed, about an hour. On a bad day I sometimes remind myself of my teenage yrs!!  :-(  7minutes.  I have found that using music from your favorite CD you are able to pace yourself....

by Seesko 6 years ago

As long as she needs me to :p

by Adonis 6 years ago

I woud imagine as long as he could stay hard...

by Genesis 6 years ago

Lol sweet! You ever had men who could stand as long as it took?
But back to the question, how long? Think that depends on many things like when was your last time, is it the first time today (cause it usually takes me longer for the second time), how long was the foreplay, how much did she penetrate you before (hands, mouth etc) maybe a little how tight is she.... So i cant really answer that in regards to minutes, hours....
Cheers pow
p.s. If its really hot, you can stay stiff after cuming and simply go on and on and on..... So hmmm lets say i dont have probs with keeping hard a while! :P

by Powderguide 6 years ago

Quess it depends how long the female wishes to be penetrated and for how long the the male can stay erect, personnally the longest I've managed to stay inside as been 30 minuets but all males are different as are females, best way to find out is to keep asking, treat this question a bit like a survey thats all I can say. Hope you find this helpful.

by Mark 6 years ago

Kenneth Kirby
Depends how much room there is to explore. If it's like Carlsbad Caverns and yelling RIIIICCOOOOLLLAAAAA warrants an echo, I imagine it'd be a long time.

by Kenneth Kirby 6 years ago

Many many factors involved in this question. How long can she remain wet while making love?

by Dan 6 years ago

As long as it takes.

by Sweet_southern_...  6 years ago

As long as he can hold his semen inside himself, I guess.But seriously, the vagina has muscles, and like every other muscle, flexing it or using it too much will fatigue it or make it sore. So, to answer your question, you can stay long as the stamina of her muscle remains.

by Fandelesbo 6 years ago

Jimmy J
No time limit if neither objects. I've cum napped got hard and back to drilling without coming up for air.. Not to try to impress anyone but instead it just felt good and she wanted to keep me plugged in. I love to slip it in early in the morning and make it my alarm cock!

by Jimmy J 5 years ago

Adriana Gomez
A long time please!!!!

by Adriana Gomez 6 years ago

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For how long a man can stay inside a woman?

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