Have you ever been to a glory hole? If so, what happened? Did you receive or give pleasure? Please describe your experience. Would you do it again?

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I ve been to one or two in the past i was the one who recieved theres something very erotic about putting ones hard erect penis though a hole and not really knowing whos on the other end except i knew it was female on both occastions i could have looked as the hole was big enough to stick my testicles through as well but i didnt as i thought this would spoil the fun i would love to think i gave pleasure to the other person on the other side as well dont know who they were but who ever it was made me cum a lot cant help thinking how nice it would to be to meet who they were on both times just would like to thank them on what a wonderful job they did

by Mark 5 years ago

I have been to glory holes. When I was younger and much more confused about my sexuality I would visit ABS's quite often and experienced them from both sides, although I much preferred to be the one whose lips were at the hole. If it weren't for the risks involved I would probably still be a regular visitor. There is something about not knowing who it is that you are giving a blowjob to that really turns me on. All you see is a hard cock sliding through the hole. It could be anyone on the other side of the wall, your former HS principle or gym teacher, a neighbor or co-worker, a friend, or just a complete stranger, but it doesn't matter because you only have the cock to deal with. There were nights where I spent hours taking on all, pardon the pun, comers. One of my last times visiting a glory hole was probably my most memorable and enjoyable.

Things weren't going so well in my first marriage and I suspected she was cheating. I was feeling both low and horny. I had never cheated on her, and didn't want to start something complicated with a woman. I hadn't gone to an ABS since I'd gotten married. But I'd been fighting the urge all morning. About 2 in the afternoon I gave in and drove to an ABS where I had always had a lot of luck. The place was packed, but I eventually found a booth with a glory hole. I sucked one guy and he came pretty quick. Then a long cock slid through the hole and I started working on it. After about 5 minutes the guy asked if he could come into my booth. I didn't want anyone to see me sucking them, which is why I liked the glory hole, but being so down I guess I craved the embarrassment and humiliation. When I unlocked the door he entered and was followed by another guy. Both unzipped and I switched back and forth, sucking one and jacking the other. Suddenly the guy in my mouth pulled out and when I looked up to see why he pointed to the long thick dark-skinned cock that had pushed through. The guy said, "I'll bet you'd love to suck that one." I reached our and wrapped my hands around it and nodded. The guy said, "Well do it then, you little cocksucker." I felt my cheeks burn, but I got even harder and I started working on that monster. If I was humiliated by letting a guy see me sucking his dick, it was nothing compared to having two guys watching me suck someone so large. They kept making rude comments about how much I liked it and taking turns wiping their precum on my cheeks as they jacked themselves. Before I could make the one in my mouth cum one of the other guys came on the side of my face, then took a position behind me and started giving me some hard slaps on my ass. Eventually the huge cock in my mouth started spurting and I swallowed as much as I could and sucked until he started to go limp. The one guy still hard in the booth with me was jacking hard and I could tell he was close so I opened my mouth and waited for his load. He started calling me names and telling me he was about to give me what I wanted. The other guy grabbed my head and held it as the jacking produced ropes of hot cum that hit my face and filled my mouth. He then wiped his softening cock all over my face before having me clean it off. Both guys left and one patted me on the head and winked as he left. I have to admit that it might have been the most humiliating sexual experience of my life, but it was also one of the most satisfyingly erotic encounters I have ever had. And yes, if I could, I would do that again. Maybe even with my wife watching. Now that would be humiliating! ;)

by Bihubbyintx 5 years ago

My brother asked me to do it to his friend when i was 13 i have been doing it for the last 3 years its my favorite thing to do for any guy

by Bobbii  4 years ago

I used to goto an adult cinema in Glasgow when I was around 17 to about 22 there was a gloryhole in the toilets used to sit in there wearing stockings and suspenders sucking off anybody and everybody

when I was about 22 it closed down sadly now I have to goto places like pipeworks but its full of people who look mentally ill

miss that cinema would sit in there all day

by Chris 2 years ago

I wont to go there

by Iftixar 2 years ago

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Have you ever been to a glory hole? If so, what happened? Did you receive or give pleasure? Please describe your experience. Would you do it again?

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