Have you ever been a jerk towards your girlfriend? Why? Did you do anything to repair the damage?

Asked by Annaissa 6 years ago relationships

Patrick Moorehead

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Yeah sometimes being an ass just happens, you know how sometimes without any real explanation women are bitchy (PMS IS NOT A REAL EXPLANATION). Guys do the same thing. Sometimes without any real reason, we are asses. Turns out guys have hormone cycles too, so they go through the same mood changes as women throughout the month.

The only reason I would ever be a jerk on purpose, is if my wife was being snippy on purpose to me. Then we could have our little snippy back and forth, get bored with it, go out for pizza or have a cuddle-fest movie night, and move on.

Sometimes I'll say or do something that offends her without really meaning to. This used to happen a lot when we were first married, but I think she's starting to get used to the way that a guy thinks now, so she understands me better.

If I do offend her, I'll take her out for sushi, or buy her some expensive chocolate, or even something kinky that she's been wanting ( do make sure to SAY that I'm sorry, and I ACTUALLY try not to consciously do it again. Unless it's over something rediculous, then we get to chat about her hang-ups, and hopefully she will not be offended again in the future.

It's give and take, but as a man we are expected to give more than take. I don't know why. But we are certainly not supposed to act like those douchebags on Jersey Shore. That's for damn sure. You'd better be making a whole lot of money, and have an extremely cuddly teddy bear side if you want to be that much of a douche. LOL

by Patrick Moorehe...  6 years ago

Justin Thyme
The short answer is, "yes."  The longer answer is the key to any relationship is communication, communication, communication.  Those who communicate well and truly understand and respect each other are the relationships that last.

by Justin Thyme 6 years ago

Yes have been a total waste of space towards mine in the past dont know why she puts up with me to be honest as to repairing damage all i can say is that what ive done is to be straight up and admit it, ive only messed up once we have talked about why it happened and discussed where we both might have been at fault me so more than my girlfriend in this case wont say what happened as that would be as bad as what i did however like i say is to repair damage that was done is to talk about it and be honest and work out what went wrong to cause hurt in first place and let time take its course and make sure things never go wrong again

by Mark 6 years ago

Harry Haversackers
I don't think that there is a man alive, who has ever been in a relationship, who hasn't been a jerk toward his wife or girlfriend at one time or another.  Some guys are jerks all the time.  After all, we're guys, have testosterone, have inflated egos and do dumb things.  

After being called on it, most guys, at least those who want to continue getting laid, will suck up, buy her flowers or a new car (depending on the degree of their jerkiness) and hope to be forgiven, at least until the next time.

by Harry Haversack...  6 years ago

Yes I have. I did what ever she wants to get otu of the dog house

by Spiralfusion 4 years ago

Sometimes, i act like an asshole towards my girlfriend because she dont give me to me is everything and makes me feel appreciated and loved. If i dont get it, i feel neglected and bad and more...i feel like all the things i do for her means nothing to her when she dosent want to have sex with me. As a guy, i dont know why she dosent want to, it is pleasure and who does not like pleasure??? It(sex) makes you cuddle the personne your with and is the ultimate way to show your love. I just had a argument about it or a fight or what ever you want to call it and maybe this post will help someone someday too, am i the only one like this? Where can i get support from other people like me? For me, sex is everything, if i dont get it, i dont fonction well...........

by Nothing 4 years ago

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Have you ever been a jerk towards your girlfriend? Why? Did you do anything to repair the damage?

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