Can any girls squirt? I am fascinated by this but i have never been lucky enough to experience it

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All women can learn to squirt. I have written this answer so many times I should perfect it, and save the steps.


Here goes.

One)    **First note try this after long foreplay, and at least after one orgasm**  Place one finger inward the vagina one and a half to two inches inwards. (*Upward means towards the pubic bone the hard bone across the women pussy*)

Two)  Take that one finger and slide it along he vaginal wall until you find the g-spot.

Three)  The g-spot feels different, ripples across the upward vaginal wall with a smooth area in between the ripples. This little spot is the place of magic, and happiness to no end.

Four)  Lightly stimulate that area make her hold back her orgasms, and play with clit a bit at same time, but not too much clit play or too roughly just tease it a bit.

Five)  She's going pop, she should be convulsing if you know how to remain focused on that spot, and change the pace, keep it light but add pressure upwards on the vaginal wall towards the pubic bone.

Six)  She is feeling pressure like having to pee, she can feel it build up, once she feels that, get her off fast by increasing the speed, and adding the clit play back into it.

Seven)  Splash, she should feel like having to pee, so let it out.

Be-careful this can be way wetter then a piss, and no it contains very tiny amount of pee only at first. It is a secretion from the paraurethral ducts.

by Partysmants 6 years ago

Yes??? and no. Do not be fooled by all the fake Internet videos of squirting which are fake orgasm (women put water into the vagina and contracts to expel him). Look at "I feel myself" video of real masturbating orgasm. Just 2 women have a squirting orgasm on 100 video??? But that I have understand (very later, I'am 60 years old) is ALL women cant squirt??? in certains conditions???  This is natural and spontaneous for very few women. In others it must be caused (not by the famous "G spot", that way I did never reached). But if you do it the right way, then yes, ALL women (at least all those I knew) can have a squrting orgasm. (sorry for my english)

by Jac 6 years ago

I cant squirt,I went out with this chick and afterwards we had oral sex,i was eating her out and when she orgasm it squirt all in my mouth and face,it was her cum not pee,BUT i thought she pissed in my face at first,then when i seen what was goin on We laughed and I kept on going whipping her pussy some more,It was so weird but in a sexy good way of course.When I tell someone they obviously dont belive me

by Ninas1616 6 years ago

I have only been able to squirt with one partner idk why im sad because of it.

by Sweet_southern_...  6 years ago

I dated one back in 2002 and she was a squinter...she had to have a powerful toy on her clit to make her do it...her juices were clear and very warm. Other girls juice and cum hard...but this one girl squirted over 50 % of the time that she came.

by Danrun 6 years ago

Justin Thyme
In my lifetime, I have only met one who actually squirted.  When I played with her clit and she was close to orgasm she would squirt.  She also squirted when I inserted myself into her. I have to say it was a real turn on!

by Justin Thyme 6 years ago

Any girl can fake it like the porn vids, only a few can really uncontrollably squirt, and most are embarrassed by it

by Dan 6 years ago

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Can any girls squirt? I am fascinated by this but i have never been lucky enough to experience it

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