How many times have you had sex in one day?

Asked by Miagison 6 years ago general

With the same girlfriend, I it was 7 times in one day, about six hours f sex that day in total.

Longest amount of time fucking was 5 hours, mostly in her ass, before spending my load.

Once in a MMF with a bf stud of mine and girlfriend I was fucked by him twice in the ass, and twice with a strap-on by her as they spit roasted me the whole time, and then I fucked her ass once, her pussy once, and came in her mouth once too. So I have came about 6 or 7 cum loads that time, plus a couple internal anal orgasms without cum squirting out. It was amazing !

Most I ever came in one day would be about 12 times masturbating. 

Most multiple orgasms I ever had with the same hard-on, is 4 times. Not including anal internal orgasms.

I have a lot of sex stamina , and learned to recover quickly, and or stay hard after cumming too.  

by Partysmants 3 years ago

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How many times have you had sex in one day?

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