Do straight women think about sex with an lesbian?

Asked by Ninas1616 6 years ago lesbian

Happily Single
I agree !!!!! Some are just afraid to admit it.... Well not me !!! Yes I like to watch women in porn and have fantasized. Never have been with one I love men but you know what they say never say never !!

by Happily Single 6 years ago

I think alot of women do most are to afraid to admit it thinking they'd be labeled as a lesbian or be criticized because of it me personally i have wondered about it......but never acted on it not sure if i really want to but the thought is exciting

by Hotsweetness21 6 years ago

Lesbians, some have it natural, some need alcohol but all women are.....

by Crash 4 years ago

Do lesbians think about sex with straight women? Very likely in all cases? And why not? As I have said before there is noone entirely one thing or the other. I am 'straight' but have had oral sex with a few gay AND 'straight' men in my 50+ years on this planet - and thoroughly enjoyed it. My gorgeous partner is 'straight' and would like to hear from you ;)

by Daedelus57 6 years ago

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Do straight women think about sex with an lesbian?

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