Do men ejaculate when their not hard?

Asked by Rachel 5 years ago sex

Have found out it can happen, has done to me a couple of times but mostly semi hard have to say depends on situation when it has ive not fully cum only got lot of precum but when fully erect can cum quite a lot, hope it helps answer question

by Mark 5 years ago

Actually it happened to me before..I'm sure it varies from guy to guy and how horny they are. I know when I'm very very horny and I'm beating off or using my Hitachi, as my cock gets bigger an harder, I've shot my load beofre fully hard.  Felt incredible as usual.  But I have cum before fully hard.

by Danrun 5 years ago

Yes. Doesn't feel good at all

by lil1980a 5 years ago

Justin Thyme
Yes, it has happened to me.  I was hard then went soft and when stroking again, I came.

by Justin Thyme 5 years ago

For me I have to b rock hard solid in order 2 cum

by Jj 5 years ago

Google prostate ejaculation :))

by Adonis 5 years ago

Yes but when it happens to me I started out hard.

by Slimdickx7 5 years ago

Sumdum Chum
The only time i have ever experinced such a thing was when i was twelve years old my mom took me to trover clinic for a consultation about getting a my manhood sniped and clamped if you know what i mean the doctor age 26 had me put my palms flat down than she said "i ment for you to pull off your pants and underware" than asked if i mind if she did it so as to speed things up i said go ahead so than she said i might feel a little uncomfertible than held a cup to my penis and asked if i was ready i sad lets get over with doc she than begain to stick her finger in my anus at the same time i started to cry it hurt so bad and she was only using one finger she than after two and a half minutes of this proses of me not ejaculating she asked me to set down and said there office did not have any porn mags or videos she asked me not say anything to any one so i did not she than had me take off my shirt i did she said no touching just for me to watch she than took off her lab coat slowly than she unbuttoned her blouse she than removed it and i saw she was waring a sexy pink and red push up bra it did not cover all and she had big tits the nipples and sarounding area was exposed than she had trouble removing it and asked me to do it she than unziped her skirt than let gravity do the rest she than pulled off her purple see through thong and than put on only her lab coat on and said why arn't you erect i said what is that she said it was what is needed to make babys i said i have no clue what your saying she than said its when your penus gets hard i than told her i only have had seven that i know of all of witch when i was in foster care the first six was forced when i was four years old and being molested bye my second foster mother witch was miss mean plus her sixteen year old twin daughters whered in on as much as there mother the seventh was when i was five it came out of no where i had to pee and i got into the bathroom i no more than pulled down my undies cause that i would whare plus my shirt and my foster mother did not have that much money so me and my sister witch is two years older than i am would where the same thing bikini pantiesbut when i pulled them down i instenktively arched my back and let a rip and i pissed all over my face and the celleing she than said for me not to tell anyone and than starte playing with it it only got a little hard she than said its stubberen so she started sucking it than it got a little bigger she than stroked it for a few more minets and nothing happened so she grabed what to be a non-lubracted condom with a big head looking thing she than put it on my penis and told me to lay back she than got on top of me and took my penis into her vagina and she keep moving her but up and down than back and forth she than started kissing me right than i started to feel something i had never felt before she than asked in a realy perverted maner does it feel like somethin is sting tingeling and like your going to pee all at the same time i said yess she than begain french kissing me realy heavely i than squarted so much that some got inside of her she said how did you like your first time after words i could not even move i was so week she than took the condom looking thing and emptyed the contents in a test tube and than she put me clothes back on me and i blacked out the next thing i knew i was awakening in my bed at home my mom at my side she did not know what had happend she asked what went on in there i said i got a psyical and they checked my prostate than i blacked out

by Sumdum Chum 5 years ago

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Do men ejaculate when their not hard?

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